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Outfit Inspiration: Pastels

6:40 PMZosia

Long time no post! Hi you guys, I know I've been m.i.a. the last couple of weeks but I had a good reason: this extremely time-consuming monster called a thesis. Weeks in my pi's, in company of my laptop flew by. It was one of those times when you consider combing your hair as a waste of time. But I'm happy to say I'm back! After these days of darkness I was in desperate need of some softening colours. Jep pastels! This summer will be all about wrapping yourself in candy colours and I have to admit that a bad Monday mood instantly disappears when you see yourself wearing these My Little Pony colours. Not your cup of tea? Well, white is a good alternative although I think baby blue looks good on everyone. Try it out some time! Oh and by the way, check out my pinterest account for a daily dose of inspiration.

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