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Weekly Wants

6:00 PMZosia

Weekly Wants

You can't imagine how much I'm craving sales! Wherever I'm looking, I see gorgeous tops or bags but I need to calm myself down for another couple of weeks. Do you know that feeling when you buy something and a week later you see the same item on sale? Well, I would like to avoid that tiny kind of nervous breakdown. Nevertheless a girl can still dream, right? This week's wish list is all about essentials to wear during Summer. And as you can see, I'm definitely a fan of the all white trend. As I updated my closet, I realized I could use a couple of edgy white tops like this one in neopreen that I've found at Monki. And since I'm kind of crushing on Huaraches these days, I added another pair to my wish list. This nude colour would be a great alternative for white sneakers.

Monki white crop top
 € 45 - monki.com

Nike Huaraches
€ 130stories.com

Zara backpack
€63 - zara.com

New Look Trousers
€23 - zalando.be

Mirror sunglasses
€44,95 - komono.com

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