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6:17 PMZosia

I wish I was wearing

One of my most visited websites these days is Zalando. I confess, I may have a tiny Zalando addiction but hey, they sell so many pretty items. Meanwhile my wish list contains of fifteen pages (oops), so I decided to share some pieces I really really love. You know that moment when you see an item and immediately imagine how you would combine it? Well, this is how I put together an outfit. I'm still waiting for these gorgeous salmon sneakers from Shoeshibar (fingers crossed they will fit perfectly) that would look amazing with a pin striped deux-pi├Ęce. Too bad I already got a similar suit. What do you guys think?

Shoulder bag
€110 -

€32 -

Sparkz BLAIR
€33 -

Shoeshibar PARI
€94,95 -

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