Inspirational Bloggers: J'aime tout chez toi

9:19 PMZosia

Does it ever happen to you that when you look at someone's outfit, you just want to applaud? Well, it certainly does happen to me! Since I'm really in love with their sense of style (and how funny they are on Snapchat), I decided it was time to reveal my all-time favorite blog couple: J'aime Tout Chez Toi. Alice, who works for Asos, and JS are from Paris and are a great inspiration to me. They combine classic items with sneakers and they are a just adorable together (I'm sorry, I'm a sucker for cute couples). Don't hesitate to check out their blog and follow them on Instagram! Here are a few  outfits I love-love-love! Aren't they amazing?

All pictures via Jaimetoutcheztoi

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  1. Wow!!! Great looks!!! Fall in love with your posts...

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