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8:18 PMZosia

Hi you guys! Have you ever tried temporary tattoos? And no, those bubblegum tattoos you used to put all over your body as a kid don't count! No? Well, I've got to be honest: neither have I. The problem is that normally you can only find tramp stamps or tribal temporary tattoos (Why do those still exist :'( ??) ... That is until MonTattoo started a cooperation with world known tattoo artists. The result? A beautiful collection with a variety of styles.

I immediately fell in love with the tattoo designs that were made by Dorothee Thomson from Paris/Melbourne. Her style is characterized by minimalistic dotwork with an edge. As you can see, these temporary tattoos actually look very realistic. A lot of people even approached me and started to ask me about my new tattoo. Another advantage: they last 3 to 4 days so I'm a fan!

Want to try them out? Take a look at the entire collection

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