Hello, I'm back

9:50 PMZosia

It feels good to be back! As you might have noticed it has been half a year since my last post. When I started my blog a couple of years ago, my one and only goal was to use it to as a creative outlet. The last months it felt like a obligation, so where's the fun in that? I decided to give myself some time off just to see if I would still enjoy doing this so here I am again. 

Autumn's here and I've already found a new obsession: turtlenecks. From shirts, dresses to utility jumpsuits: I love to wear them as an extra layer to give that outfit a cup of chic. So this time I decided to combine a fake leather croco pattern jacket, a checked skirt and the perfect beige boots into a feminine look with a retro feel. 


Entire outfit via Zalando

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  1. I think a lot of bloggers have felt that way lately.
    While searching on the internet for new blogs to follow, I've come across so many bloggers who are taking a 'break'.
    Anyway, lovely to hear you're back!


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