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SS15 Trend: Denim On Another Level

9:12 PMZosia

Denim hasn't really disappeared from the fashion scene over the past years, but I'm shocked to announce you that there will be a denim overload this Spring and Summer. Remember the embarrassment you felt after looking at pictures from the 90s where jeans were matched with a denim shirt and jacket? Well frankly my dear: those days are back (at least if you're courageous enough to go all the way!).

You probably can't imagine how an infinite amount of denim can be fashionable (neither could I), so let me enlighten you with some catwalk footage. But first of all, let me introduce you to some outfits that made me frown.

  Fendi                                                           Gucci


  Tommy Hilfiger                                          Joseph

Fortunately I've also found some outfits that that don't make you look like you're a Spice Girl member that has travelled through time. But I have to admit it was hard to find denim looks I would actually consider to wear. Here are my favourites!

      Adam Selman                                              Lacoste

      Adam Selman                                           APC 

So what do you think? Can you pull off the Canadian tuxedo or would you rather stay away from this denim madness?


Pictures via Style

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