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Adidas Neo SS 2015 Challenge: Now Is Everything

4:35 PMZosia


Sweater Adidas NEO
Skirt Bershka
Shirt h&m
Sneakers Adidas

A couple of weeks ago, I have been asked to take part into the Adidas Neo. Their SS 2015 collection is all about seizing the moment and having no regrets. Now is everything. So after I received a package with Adidas NEO goodies, I got excited and started to match the NEO sweater with actually almost everything I had in my closet (you should have seen the state of my room). In the end I mixed and matched it with some white sneakers and a scuba skirt. Et voilĂ ! 

After I had a sneak peek at the new collection, I got excited about my challenge: bring the Adidas NEO mantra to life. So like I've already mentioned Adidas NEO is all about happy memories and since I'm a very nostalgic person, I started to think about childhood games. And I have to admit: I used to be a sucker for chalk games. In the end I've chosen to brighten up the sidewalk with the phrase Collect Moments. Because isn't that what life is about? 

I hope you guys like the result!


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