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Ace And Tate Home Try-On recap

7:32 PMZosia

I've got a secret to tell. Whoever isn't one of my close friends, hasn't been in the same class while I was studying or isn't my coworker probably hasn't noticed it... But guess what: I have a lazy eye that has a life of its own. Whenever I have to focus a lot on a computer screen, my sight becomes blurry because of astigmatism. I know, not sexy at all. But luckily glasses can be!

My true readers (besides my mom and friends that feel obliged to read all my posts) may have noticed my post about the Ace And Tate Home Try On a while ago. Since then I'm crazy about Ace And Tate (my bragging about their home try on system really has no limits). Why? First of all: their glasses are just gorgeous, always on-trend and affordable. Second (and best) of all: you can pick your top 5 out of their collection and try them at home. It's not a problem if you're not convinced, you're not even obliged to buy a pair.

How does it work?
1)Choose your top 5
2)Get your package and decide which pair you want
3)Send them all back
4)Order your faves and add your eyeglass prescription on the website

I don't know about you, but I can never make up my mind by myself when it comes to buying glasses. Or shoes. Or a dress. Nothing weird about that, I just love to get lots of opinions! So while we're at it: what do you guys think?

Max smoke

Morris Champagne
Ella Pearl

Morris Champagne

Wilson Pearl

Iggy Champagne

Ella Pearl

I haven't ordered my new pair of glasses yet, but Morris Champagne is my current fave. What's yours?

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