Leather jacket & bandana

6:46 PMZosia

Hi peops! If there's one thing everybody should have in their closet, it's definitely a leather jacket. Last week I've been reorganizing my wardrobe and I realized that that was exactly what was still missing. Ok no, that might be a lie, but if you don't like your old leather jackets anymore it doesn't count. Right? So I treated myself to a new one at Zara! It's just what I looked for: though but stylish. And it wasn't even expensive (only 50 euros). So today I decided to wear a badass outfit including my all-time favorite high waist jeans, the leather jacket and a black bandana. A totally different look that I could get used to.

What do you guys think?

Leather jacket Zara
Shirt Twin Sister
High Waist jeans Lee
Shoes Bershka

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