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New in: Sacha fringe brogues

6:14 PMZosia

Hi, you guys! How are you doing? I'm so ready for Spring and that's kind of because I'm proud to announce you the newest members of my shoe family: these cool fringe brogues. So let me tell you a story...

When it comes to shoes, I exactly know what I want. And when I see it, I just have to get it. As I have said (many times) before: I'm really a sneaker kind of girl but sometimes you just want something else. I know, you're probably thinking I betrayed my sneaker collection but there was just something missing in my shoe collection: gorgeous brogues. They look great with a nice trench coat or jeans and they just change your overall look. 

But I have always been confronted with an issue... The problem is that I'm a tiny person with a rather big shoe size (EU 39). So I've tried a lot of brogues before but they mostly look huge on my feet. Since I actually prefer not to look like a clown, I had secretly given up my search for pretty brogues.
And then things changed... While I was scrolling through Sacha's shoe collection, I found the perfect pair with cool detachable fringes and I was ready to give it another shot. That was actually one of the best ideas I've had recently! They don't look huge at all, they're comfy and the leather is really soft. 

Now you're probably wondering why I need Spring temperatures to wear these beauties? Well, I'm just longing for walking around with bare legs and girly glitter socks. I guess I'll keep it with bare ankles until then...
 What do you guys think?

P.S.: If you want to order them, pick a smaller size.

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