Denim and leather shorts

5:09 PMZosia

"When in doubt, wear denim." Well I couldn't agree more! On grey days like these I honestly can stare for hours at my closet and I still don't know what to wear. The solution? Denim! I'm so happy that I've finally found a longer denim jacket at Zara hat matches every outfit. I just added some high waist leather short, an oversized striped top and my No Name velcro sneakers I got at Take-Off. Oh well and of course I couldn't resist the choker hype... I guess you can't get the nineties out of a nineties girl.

 Denim vest Zara
Striped top Zara
Leather shorts Zara
Choker Stradivarius
Bag Moss Copenhagen via Zalando
Sneakers No Name via Take-off sneakerstore


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