The vintage dress

8:16 PMZosia

What I love most about thrift shops, is that you'll never know what to expect. Yesterday I went to our local Kringwinkel (a second-hand store with furniture, clothing and literally everything you can think about) and while I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I spotted this gorgeous dress. Not only had it the right color, the cut was also very interesting. I immediately thought: if I would ever design a maxi dress, it would probably look exactly like this. But since I'm only 1m60 and there wasn't a size marked in the dress, I already told to myself not to be too enthusiastic. I mean what are the odds that the dress would fit... And it did!! So here it is you guys, my favorite dress from now on. P.S.: I only payed 9 euros for this piece.

Do you ever go thrift shops?

Dress De Kringwinkel
Sneakers Adidas Superstars chalk

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  1. Zo een mooie jurk! Ik ga vaak naar de Think Twice, daar kan je ook altijd leuke stuks scoren! Ik ben helemaal fan van je kledingstijl :) XOXO Katrien AKA Universeofk


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