How to dress sassy when it's freezing

5:28 PMZosia

"Yessss snow!!!" is probably what 80% of Belgium was thinking yesterday morning. My thoughts? "How am I supposed to find a outfit that doesn't make me freeze and looks actually pretty ok?". Yeah yeah, I know, "first world problems", but sometimes you're just in the mood to wear something sassy and nothing can stop you. Nope, not even minus 2 degrees. Thank God the snow had already melted this morning and I didn't had to walk through it like an insecure penguin. Anyway, being tempted to wear a lot of dark tones these days, I decided to go for an all black outfit and combined it with my sheep jacket from Asos. In order to prevent my legs from becoming ice popsicles, I've put on last year's knee boots and added some sass with red lipstick. Bye-bye tired winterface!

What type of outfit do you wear when it's cold outside?

Have a nice Sunday!

Beanie Primark
Sheep jacket Asos
Skirt H&M
Knee boots Avance

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