White OldSkool Vans on rainy days

9:48 PMZosia

Have you ever had a day that nothing you've planned really does work out? Well, my Sunday was the perfect example! I was ready for a fun day outside wearing my new kicks for the first time, when I realised there was nothing but rain. Result: cars drove by and gave me a pretty refreshing shower (just like in the movies), my feet got wet and I almost flew away like the one and only Mary Poppins. I know, I know... "First world problems" but hey, I just wanted you to know why you won't see outdoors pictures today.

My best friend was kind enough to take me in and shoot some photos in her apartment. Et voila! No rain, I could finally wear my new OldSkool Vans and they still look fresh and clean. Oh and even better: I ended my week with some sushi. Life could be worse, right?

Dress Berschka
Sneakers OldSkool Vans

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