Indian Summer

8:44 PMZosia

I know, I know... It's Autumn and I'm still going for bare legs, but hey indian Summer allows me to! Am I the only one who doesn't like to wear black stockings by the way?! One of my favorite trends of this fall is the comeback of the color teal. Is it out of my comfort zone? Yup. Does it look great? Definitely. So why shouldn't I try it, right?! 

Strangely enough, I found this teal dungaree dress on sale this Summer. You know those last sale days, when everything's a mess and you have no expectations at all? Well, that's when Zara surprised me with this dress in leather look. I had a huge pile of items that I tried on in-store - the waiting line was huge - and even though I was wearing way too many clothes underneath this dress when I was trying it on, I was intrigued. Then I realized it only costed 7 euros... NICE! 

While it's more a dress to wear with a cosy knit, I couldn't wait to wear it. Result? An Autumn proof dress with a thin T-shirt. I guess it's my way of slowly transitioning to colder days.

Dungaree dress Zara
T-shirt H&M
Socks H&M
Sneakers New Balance CRT300

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