Nude But Barely Naked

9:01 PMZosia

Wool culottes have been on my wish list since last winter. But honestly, I wasn't really ready for them... This year I spotted a pretty white pair at Zara's and decided to give it a try. So why was I in doubt? Well, as you might know I'm not the tallest person (I'm just 1m60) and culottes easily make you look even smaller. Oh well and besides the fact that wool trousers are super comfy, they sadly enough make you look like you've gained some weight. (Maybe I have, I don't have a scale haha) But guess what: I don't care. I used to be the person who only wore clothes that made me look slimmer, but why should you limit your style based on that?!

So here's to a very bright, cosy autumn look and wearing what you really want.
Sweater en culottes Zara
Sneakers New Balance CRT300

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