When pink and red collide

8:16 PMZosia

Put on those sunglasses because this is the most colorful outfit I've ever worn! You might be surprised but I'm honestly in love with this color combo. Pastel pink has always been my favorite, but neon red is uhm, quite unusual for me. Don't you agree that these tones just look great together? I'm a sucker for trends so when my Pinterest feed kept showing me pink-red outfits, I decided to give it a try. And I'm happy I did! There's also something about wearing vibrant colors that gets you in a good mood. Really, you should try it! And what about my kicks? I decided to take my Puma Blaze sneakers out for a walk, they actually got that dad sneaker vibe.

Fashion to me is a form of self-expression but it's also about change and trying new things.
So this is me stepping out of my comfort zone... I hope you'll like it! :)

Sweater Vintage
Pants H&M
Sneakers Puma Blaze
Beanie H&M

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