weekly wants

Weekly wants

11:00 AMZosia

weekly wants

This week, I had a coup de foudre with a sweater in this marble kind of print. I mean, just look at it! Another item on this week's wish list is a wrap skirt that reminds me of my youth during the nineties. I used to laugh at what I used to wear as a kid, imagine extremely wide trousers, crop tops and Buffalo shoes, but this skirt brings back a positive nineties vibe. Oh and well... Those Adidas Superstars... I've been thinking about buying them for a while but I constantly change my mind because you see them everywhere. But I have to admit that I love how clean this pair looks. Help me out!

River Island wrap front skirt
€19 - riverisland.com

Padded Lace Bra
€19 - stories.com

Adidas 80s shoes
€123,28 - asos.com

€45 - weekday.com

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  1. Nice skirt :) M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr
    Maria V.


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