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It wasn't love at first sight, not at all. When my best friend told me that he thought that culottes would look great on me, I shivered. Wide trousers that look as if they're too short? I don't think so. I already tend to look like a tiny human being without wide trousers so why would I accentuate that? But the more I saw them, the more I felt the urge to give them a chance. When my best friend eventually bought an amazing pair in a banana leaves print, I was convinced that culottes surely can look great and elegant on someone. Nevertheless, after a couple of dramatic moments in the fitting room I felt that they just aren't my cup of tea. They just looked ridiculous on me. Until... I saw an amazing navy jumpsuit on sale at Zara. It had a sophisticated top and the pants part was a culotte. I know, it must sound weird but it looked surprisingly cool. Okay, I kind of cheated because it's a jumpsuit but I just wanted to say that Biebs was right: Never say never. Well, at least when it comes to fashion trends. 

Since it is important to visualize how awesome culottes can look, I chose a couple of cool, but different looks. If you're not that tall, I would give the advice to wear culottes with heels. Although these trousers can look really stylish with Stan Smiths or Nikes, they can easily make you look short. So be aware! The safe, and best, decision is to put on your prettiest strappy sandals. 
Do you see yourself strolling around in these trousers? Or is the culotte a not for you?

Pictures via Pinterest

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