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The best inspiration is other people's original sense of fashion. Looking at great outfits in magazines just hasn't got the same effect on me. Wherever I am, I just can't help it: I immediately spot an outfit I like and I remember it. Since I'm not a street style photographer, sadly enough, I usually get my daily dose of inspiration through Pinterest or street style blogs. Here are a couple of looks I would love to wear.

Monotone vs colourful

Source: Buro247

These two looks are just everything I love: bright colours, mom jeans, pastel coats, white sneakers... I mean can it even get any better?

Mint green

Source: Buro247
How amazing is this combination of pastel colours with cream items? By wearing bright coloured things only, you actually create a balanced outfit. Oh well I think I might put cream coloured ankle boots on my wish list now...

Ton sur ton

Source: Buro247

I have to admit that I'm one of Miroslava Duma's greatest fan girls, but let's be honest: this beige suit just looks perfect. Ton sur ton isn't only an extremely easy trend (just peek into your wardrobe and look for the same colours), but white shoes will also always be a great match. Just put on your favorite white sneakers and you're ready to go!

Double denim

Source: Buro247

One of the trends I love this Spring is the denim on denim look. This outfit just proves you can look tough yet sophisticated at the same time. But don't forget to pick a minimal top in order to keep it all stylish. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the popular Stella McCartney platforms though.

Easy and classy

Source: Buro247

Yay for classy chic outfits! This is something I would wear to work on a casual day. Peg trousers, a white shirt, sneakers and a lovely coat: it can be as simple as that!

So tell me sweets, which outfit would you love to wear?

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