Bubblegum bomber jacket

9:29 PMZosia

Hi you guys! Whoever's on Instagram has noticed the popularity of one jacket: that bubblegum pink bomber jacket from Mango. Well surprise, surprise: I also couldn't resist it (duh, it's pink). While you normally would pair this jacket with some high waist jeans, I decided to try something else: ton sur ton. So I threw everything out of my closet just to find my vintage blue Lacoste polo and match it with my new peg trousers. Also in blue (I'm really trying not to refer to the "Bluedabedee dabeda" song but now I actually did, oops). While I was in Berlin, I found these fringe slip ons at Zara and they're a perfect match in this ton sur ton look.

What do you think about this blue on blue outfit?

Bomber jacket Mango
Polo Vintage Lacoste from Think Twice
Trousers Zara
Slip ons Zara

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