When orange becomes your new black

7:05 PMZosia

There's a new season coming up and I felt like it was time for something new. While pink is my safe color (I know, kind of weird right?), I decided to trade it for a tangerine shade. Admittedly: this isn't an easy color to match and it's probably my first orange item ever. I mean, combine it with the wrong tones and you look like an orange tree. How did I handle this mission that actually seemed impossible? Well, I've kept it simple. Just added my new pair of beige mules from h&m (they literally go with everything) and watch from Cate & Nelson.

Oh by the way, I'm sorry for the cliché Orange Is The New Black reference but I just can't wait for the new season to begin. -Insert the OITNB soundtrack here-

Do you guys own an orange item? How do you combine it?

Have a nice Sunday!

Dress Uniqlo
Mules h&m
Watch Cate&Nelson

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