When in doubt, wear pink

6:56 PMZosia

I'm obsessed with pastel pink, and I'm not hiding it! The SS17 collections are all about pink, pink and... PINK (and also yellow, but that's not the point). Yasss, this makes my search for new items way much easier. Ok, you won't hear me sheering for fuchsia (admittedly: it can look great in combination with a subtle, light shade of pink), but I'm definitely on team cotton candy pink. Who's with me?!

A while ago, when it actually felt like Spring, I teamed up with the store Wear in my hometown Leuven. Not only did I find the cutest playsuit, I also got introduced to my major shoe crush: suede mules in pink. Ahhh you should have felt my heart pounding. And that's how this outfit was born!

So what type of pink do you see yourself wearing?

Full outfit by Wear Leuven

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