Reebok x FACE Stockholm Freestyle Hi 35

9:21 PMZosia

The first time I noticed Reebok Freestyle Hi kicks, I immediately travelled through time to discover them in a 80s aerobics group class.  Did you know this shoe has actually been specifically made to accommodate aerobic workouts? Crazy right! And of course aerobics queen Jane Fonda wore them too, duh. Since I secretly listen everyday to eighties music, I even have my own 80s playlist, you shouldn't be surprised that I like these Reeboks. 

By the way, this isn't my first pair of Reebok Freestyle Hi sneakers! I even already made a blog post with these ones in white a couple of years ago. Well, this time I've euh... Worn it different I guess :'). So what about these kicks? They're a collab with the Swedish cosmetics brand FACE Stockholm and you actually get some cute make-up when you buy the shoes. Great combo right? The thing I like the most about these kicks is their color: it reminds me of vanilla ice-cream. Mmm ice-cream...

Would you wear these sneakers too?

Reebok FACE Stockholm Freestyle Hi 35 Zalando
White top Vintage
Suede skorts Zara
Trench coat Primark

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