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9:28 PMZosia

The thing I like most about fashion, is that it's a form of self-expression. I'm that kind of person that starts thinking about an outfit while I'm almost falling asleep in bed, but in the end I just decide to pick something else in the morning. Why? Well, I like my mood to determine what to wear because it feels better. So if I'm tired or grumpy, you're probably going to see me in black. Bright colours and pink are for sunny, happy days. And while I prefer to wear comfy clothes on one day, I might want to dress up the other one. Sounds familiar when you think about it, right?

Last week I was in a preppy, girly mood. The weather was perfect, I had a fun weekend so I felt like putting on a classy white shirt and my new kicks. And -duh- I had to add a finishing touch with some pink. Sadly enough it's getting colder again these days, so I'll have to get back to sweaters and trousers. Bye-bye pale legs! -insert sad face here-

I hope you guys have had a nice Sunday!

Coat Vintage
White shirt Gant
Denim skirt H&M
Sneakers Veja Wata


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