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8:03 PMZosia

Yassssss I've finally found a pretty co-ord! There's really nothing better than discovering an item that you really needed (Yep, NEEDED) while you were quickly shopping without any expectations. A while ago, I was walking home from work and had to buy some food. Instead I went to Zara, grabbed this outfit and fell in love in the fitting room. Priorities, right?!

You're probably used to seeing me with sneakers, but I actually really like wearing heels from time to time. It's just that since I've broken my ankle and leg, my foot quickly starts to ache when I walk around too long in heels. But hey, those who want to be beautiful must suffer. When I checked the Manfield webshop, I had a major shoe crush on these sandals. They're black and simple, just the way I like it, and they look great with every type of outfit.

What do you think about this look?

Co-ord Zara
Sunglasses Manfield
Sandals Manfield

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