That cropped shirt

10:44 PMZosia

Hi guys, what's up?! I've had a lazy weekend, (don't we all need that sometimes?) and I've cleaned my closet. It's something I actually don't do often, because I'm too emotionally attached to every piece I have. It's like "Ohhhh, that dress... I've worn that to this very fun date I've had x years ago" or "Oh no, I can't throw that away because I've had an amazing night in it at a festival!". Ridiculous right? So I ended up putting a lot of stuff aside, but this cropped shirt and grey shorts were an interesting discovery. I guess sometimes it's a good idea to make yourself struggle with a good clean up!

Hope you've had a nice weekend!

Shirt Zara
Shorts Pimkie
Sneakers Reebok Club 85C via Take-Off sneakers

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