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9:57 PMZosia

Brace yourselves, sales are coming! No seriously, it's weird that the period I used to look forward to as a teenager, has become less appealing. I mean, is this means I'm getting old?! I used to see it as a challenge to find some nice pieces in a pile of euhm old stuff, but now it's just frustrating. So since I don't have the patience to have staring contests about that one dress, the last one in your size, I decided to check out the presales. Et tadaaaaa! I scored this pastel pink dress at h&m for only 15 euros and this atypical green trench coat from Cos for 90 euros instead of 135 euros. The best part: I've shopped them in peace!

Coat COS
Dress h&m
Sneakers Reebok Club C 85 from Take-Off

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  1. Love the beautiful mix of colors with pastel pink and the green coat!


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