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10:52 PMZosia

Hi you guys! Well, I had actually planned to write this post earlier today but then something unexpected came up... While I walked into my apartment, I heard a noise coming from a plastic bag. I had a look and then I discovered a disgusting black slippery tail... I've actually heard a lof of stories about people finding mice and being scared, but I always thought I'd handle it very well. GUESS NOT! I might have screamed a lot, I might have called everyone I know. In the end I was too afraid to move so I just sat in my couch while I was staring at the bag. Long story short: a friend saved me and the mouse died itself under my closet. Unfortunately I'll probably live 5 year less long because of this incident.

That's it for the drama part, let's talk about this dress. I find it extremely difficult to find an original dress with the right cut but Zara succeeded to surprise me with this shirt dress. It's a little bit longer than what I'm used to wear (hello shorter looking legs) and it definitely has a more classy vibe. Nevertheless: I like it. Just added some girliness with my Puma heart patent kicks from Take-Off.

Dress Zara
Sneakers Puma Heart Patent from Take-Off

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