Black isn't my happy color

8:10 PMZosia

Do you know people who admit that "Black is their happy color"? Well, I'm not one of those. Since a couple of years I tend to wear more and more pink, whoever follows my blog for a while is probably like "No shit, Sherlock!", but occasionally I pull out some black items out of my closet. If I've got to be really honest, black is my "Meh" color. Whenever the weather sucks, I'm tired or feeling not that comfortable in my skin I usually wear black. Sounds recognizable? So today's weather could be described bet as "Meh". I mean, my holiday has started and I was prepared for sunny days but it feels like the end of summer. I guess I'm coping with an all black AND white outfit (still positive over here!) from Wear. What do you think, yay or nay?

Full outfit from Wear

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