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9:21 PMZosia

Ladies and gentlemen, this is mambo... No just kidding! But I do want to introduce you to - tadaaahhh- the most complicated item in my closet. Say what? That's right, I bought this shirt a while ago and it's only afterwards that I realized it's a hell to put it on. Like dear Avril would say: "Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?!". Allright, enough with the complaining because I actually don't regret that I've purchased this piece. It's nice to vary one in a while and try something new, although a plain white shirt is timeless.

You guys, I actually have to admit something...  This outfit post is from a couple of days ago and you'll notice it because yesterday I got a new haircut. Well yeah "new"... I went for long 70s bangs because sometimes you just need a change. Am I right?! Whoever follows me on Instagram probably has already noticed my new cut.

So what do you guys think about this outfit? Do you also have a piece that is difficult to put on?

Top and shorts h&m
Sneakers Adidas Gazelle via Wear Leuven

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