My Very First Designer Piece

9:00 PMZosia

As a teenager I drooled over all the designer items Carrie Bradshaw had in her apartment. I know it's a bit of a cliche, but I imagined myself living in the middle of a city with the greatest wardrobe ever. Well, New York turned out to be in Leuven and I didn't have any designer pieces until... NOW! Last week I quickly hopped in the second hand store Cyaankali in Leuven, which is just around the corner where I live, and my bestie spotted these great white trousers. A couple of seconds later our jaws dropped when we realized it was a Dries Van Noten... When my bestie decided they were too big for her, I couldn't resist them. So here they are you guys!! I have to admit that I'm afraid to wear them because they're white and I'm extremely clumsy but I'm so happy with my first designer item. 

Do you like them?

Top Zara
Pants Dries Van Noten via Cyaankali
Mules Bershka
Sunglasses Bershka

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