As grey as it gets

7:01 PMZosia

Winter is honestly one of the most difficult seasons to pick outfits, don't you think? Or at least to pick outfits that keep you warm. While I actually just want to put on 5 sweaters and my thick pyjama pants and cry because I'm cold - yes I can be a drama queen - I decide to go for a look that doesn't make me look like a crazy cat lady. As you might have noticed, I like to combine different shades of the same color, like for instance grey. Today I added a touch of pink with my Reebok Classics Pearl Pack from Take-Off.

Beanie H&M
Scarf Pimkie
Coat Noisy May
Sweater Primark
Skinny jeans Pimkie
Reebok Classics Pearl Pack Take-Off 

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