Pink Nike M2K Tekno's

2:19 PMZosia

Fact: if you love kicks it's impossible to ignore the dad sneaker comeback nowadays. Personally I didn't really want to go for the Balanciaga lookalikes because they're too chunky for me. When my favorite blogger couple Jaimetoutcheztoi posted these Nike M2K Tekno's on their story from Asos, it made my heart go faster. And that you guys, is when you know you have a sneaker crush. 

Since you can't ignore love at first sight, I decided to give these a go and I couldn't be happier. They're comfortable and add a cute touch to every look. I love to play around with textures and colours when I'm wearing these babies, so I chose a nineties, fluffy top I've bought on sale at Zara's with my good old vinyl skirt. 

Have a great day!

Top Zara
PU skirt Primark
Sneakers Nike M2K Tekno from Asos

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