Puma Basket Heart Patent

9:38 PMZosia

Hi you guys, what's up? These days have been busy as hell. I'm currently moving all my belongings to Leuven and it isn't going as smooth as I hoped for. (Note: tiny mental breakdown coming up). So while I can barely find the time to post pictures, I forced myself to make a new post today. The result? An easy, casual outfit which includes my new kicks from Take-Off. These Puma Basket Heart Patents immediately caught my eye because the laces reminded me of the girly shoes I used to wear as a kid. Oh and believe me, the shoe obsession had already started at a very young age... What do you think about these sneakers?

By the way, if you're looking for new kicks head over to Take-Off and get a 10% discount by mentioning my blog and following me and Take-Off on Instagram.
Coat Noisy May
Hoodie Primark
Ripped jeans Zara
Sneakers Puma Heart via Take-Off

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