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NBMSM Sportswear SS15 Collection

9:16 PMZosia

Hi you guys! Today I stumbled upon a new Belgian sportswear brand called NBMSM. When I saw their cute crop tops, swimsuits and bomber jackets I couldn't stop myself from oohing and ahing. I just had to share their new collection with you! 

NBMSM has been created by fashion designer Megan Scott Manolova and graphic designer Nisrine Ben Abdeslam. Their goal was to create a deeper fashion experience by mixing comfort with a unique concept. The collection is actually all about a feeling of freedom, movement and authenticity. And most of all, this collection provides an original alternative to the current sportswear market. 

The NBMSM Spring/Summer collection combines strong colours and edgy prints with an urban twist. The thing I like the most about this collection is that it is both wearable for workouts but also for everyday activities. I could definitely see myself wearing the crop top with some high waist jeans and sneakers. Stylish and practical!

Are you also getting enthusiastic about this collection? You can find their exclusive items in the NBMSM webshop

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  1. Fantastic post - Great explainations and thinking.I'm looking forward to what you have for us next..!
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