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Wardrobe Makeover with Farrow & Ball

12:03 PMZosia

You can't imagine how much time I've spent in front of my wardrobe. Whether it's because I suddenly get the urge to throw everything away that hasn't been touched since I bought it, or when I just can't decide on what I should wear. Sounds familiar, right? Although my wardrobe has the perfect size, I felt like there was something missing. So when I got the opportunity to give my closet a makeover with Farrow & Ball wallpaper, I realised what my wardrobe needed: colour and a touch of freshness.

So my brain started to think in terms of Pinterest boards and I immediately got my eyes on the tourbillon print in a minty green.

So here's what my wardrobe looked like before the makeover: 

And here's the result!

So are you also dying to spice up your closet? Well I'm happy to announce you that you can win some amazing Farrow & Ball wallpaper! What do you have to do?

1: Post a picture of your current wardrobe or dressing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #stylemywardrobe

2:  Tag Farrow & Ball  (@farrowandball) and my blog (@zosiarome) when you post the picture 

3: Like the blog on Facebook

Good luck!

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