Ton sur ton

4:55 PMZosia

I can't help it, I've got this thing for bomber jackets. A couple of days ago I visited my favorite secondhand shop: Think Twice. Once a month, they sell all their items for three, two and even one euro per piece. You really can't imagine how thrilled I am every month since I've discovered this store. This time, I've found an oversized burgundy jacket for only two euros. Today I got inspired by the ton sur ton look so I combined my jacket with these old trousers that I actually wanted to throw away (glad I didn't!). It kind of gives the illusion of wearing a suit or a track suit from the 90s. You could say I kind of felt like being The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. And that's  a good thing in my opinion.

Bomber jacket Think Twice
Shirt H&M
Trousers H&M
Sneakers Nike Air Force One 

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2 reacties

  1. Echt toffe foto's! En leuke tip van Think Twice.


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