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Copy the look: sneakers & skirts

3:16 PMZosia

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered this blog called Style and Wellbeing. I immediately loved her sense of style and I especially got inspired by this outfit. It's simple but also colorful and sophisticated. 

I can't hide the fact that I'm kind of addicted to white sneakers but it isn't that easy to combine them with a skirt and still look elegant. So start off with a simple grey sweater and pair it with a pastel skirt et voila! Of course any other pair of white sneakers would look great with this outfit (I have to admit that I'm secretly having a crush on white Reebok sneakers at the moment). I hope you'll like this outfit as much as I do!

Copy the look

Grey sweatshirt
€54 -

Mini skirt
€16 -

Adidas Originals sneaker
€89 -

Genuine leather handbag
€89 -

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